Our Story & Team

Our story is rooted

in passion, dedication, and a persistent pursuit of excellence. Founded in [Year], our journey began with a vision to drive positive change through technology and creativity . Since then, we have evolved into a dynamic company, known for our innovative solutions, exceptional service, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Our team is our greatest asset. Comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to every mission. What sets our team apart is our collaborative spirit, innovative mindset, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We are dedicated to supporting each other's growth, success, and well-being 

Get to know the faces behind Datamind and discover the expertise and passion that drives our success. Meet our team and learn more about the talented individuals who are shaping the future of our company. 

Trends Gazelles 2024

Fast growing company nominated for Trends Gazelle
de Bruxelles in the small business category

Datamind Founders

Visionary Leadership - Innovation - Mission Driven

Fabien Morel, CEO

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As the founder of a company, you play a crucial role in shaping its identity, culture, and direction.
As the visionary behind the company, it's essential to define a clear vision and strategy for your business. This includes setting long-term goals, identifying target markets, and outlining how your company will differentiate itself in the market. 

Nelci Sampaio, CTO

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She has a keen eye for emerging technologies and a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex problems. She is known for her hands-on approach and ability to translate technical concepts into clear business objectives.  Understanding the backgrounds, strengths, and motivations of the founders can provide valuable insights into the company's culture.